Why more men are wearing jewelry now


 Believe it or not, but at various points in history, it was considered normal for a man to wear more jewelry than a woman. Ancient Greeks soldiers used jewelry on their uniforms while going to war, believing that the jewels would ward off evil spirits, and a lot of European royalty loved using gold accessories all over them. The less said about the Indian- American people, mainly the Azteca’s, about jewelry, the better.

 In the more current times, the number of men that are comfortable wearing jewelry was increased significantly in the last few years. You could say this modern movement begun in the 80s when the hippie culture introduced the fashion of using earrings on men. Below, there are the mains reasons of why men are using jewelry now:

 1. Instagram and other social media

 Man’s these days don’t really read fashion magazines anymore, instead, they tend to imitate the fashion of people that they follow on Instagram, people with whom they can identify themselves. Surprise, surprise, a large number of male influencers has taken to the use of jewelry, mainly necklaces, and rings, with some of them even selling their own personalized brands for their followers.

With the increase of influence that social media can wield in society, it`s really no surprise that these Influencers can heavily, well, influence their followers, making the men among them adhere to the use of jewelry. 

There is also the use of photos on Instagram story and status. If a man sees another man, he personally knows using jewels on social media, without any fear of being mocked, that might influence him to start using jewels as well.

2. Celebrities following the movement

The correlation between Celebrities and the fashion world is undeniable, with various fashion industries investing heavily in articles of clothing that are trending among celebrities. The same principle applies to jewelry.

 Male celebrities, that are usually more certain about their masculinity and are more open to experimenting on new outfits are the origin point of this new fashion movement. 

More and more male celebrities are finding ways to stylishly apply jewels to their outfits, like for example Mark Wahlberg and Robert Dowey Jr (the Iron Man), helping to destroy the stigma of jewelry being exclusively for women that is still rather strong to this day and age.

3. The changes on society

There has been a big shift in society these last few years. The focus on individuality and on ignoring old prejudices is at an all-time high, with exploration, both by men and women, on new fashion growing. Prejudice and social norms haven’t disappeared, but it isn’t as important on dictating dress code these days, depending on the country of course. So, while the idea of “jewels are only for women” is still present, the social pressure that it wields isn’t enough, most of the time, to stop a man from using jewels.

 So yeah, don’t worry, you aren’t less mainly because you use a necklace or earrings. There is also a much greater focus on men to have a more unique and stylish fashion sense, mainly between millennials and generations X and Z.

4. The way that man is viewing jewelry

Today’s men, are starting to treat jewels more like women do, as part of an outfit, not an accessory to be used at all times. For example, a man could use an expensive watch at a business meeting, but among friends or on casual nights he might wear rings, collars. 

Jewelry is also being used by men to help them express themselves, as opposed to being a symbol of status. So instead of using expensive watches, that most don’t particularly enjoy that much, or diamond collars, men are instead starting to use rings because they think are stylish, earrings because they think it`s nice and bracelets because it matches their outfit.

5. The market is expanding

The market for male jewelry has increased significantly in the last few years, with some numbers saying that its profit has increased by 22% in the last year. Such numbers have led to greater investment in the market, with some stores being created solely for the purpose of selling jewelry for men. 

Granted, it seems these are mostly focused on Japan and China since it seems that the younger generation there are more open and adventurous in their choices of fashion. Some stores are also focusing on creating personalized jewelry for men. These stores receive a set of instructions with a specification of the desired jewelry, things like design, size, and material used. 

The materials used can vary from more simple materials, like iron, silver, and polyester, to more complex ones like gold, diamond, rubies, and even meteorite.


As we have seen, while some consider jewelry to be a feminine tendency, society as a whole is mostly accepting of the use of jewelry by men. The use of necklaces and rings are also trending in the male fashion world, with a lot of celebrities adopting jewelry on their outfits and day to day lives. Hey, if a lot of celebrities think it is stylish, then it probably is, right?

We also saw that the market is expanding, focusing more and more on producing unique and personal made designs, so don’t worry, you will probably find something that suits you and your style.

 Even with all information, are you still hesitating on incorporating jewelry into your outfit? Well, do know that they can boost your style, and man is style important for any man. A good style can boost your confidence, your charm with women, and perhaps increase your social worth.

I, myself, have adopted the use of jewelry on my outfits, nothing major, just a little necklace. I am really enjoying it so far, feeling more confident every time I go out with it. So even if the jewelry is not your cup of tea, I recommend at least try some before outright dismissing it.