What is the purpose of Cufflinks

Cufflinks are jewelry items usually worn with shirts or coats. It is made with various materials like glass, metal, diamond, stone, leather, or even a combination of many. Cufflinks are usually attached with a toggle to securely fit it into the cloth. The toggle can be folded into position on the front section which holds it attached to the garment. cufflinks can be designed in various fashion decorated with gemstones, diamonds, chains, or even in three-dimensional forms. Cufflinks are a type of jewelry that is specially designed for shirts that have cuffs with buttonholes. Cufflinks are usually made in two styles namely “kissing” and “barrel-style”. 

A brief history of cufflinks 

Cufflinks were first invented in the 1600s but it became popular only in the 18th century. They were basically designed proportionate to men’s shirts. The basic structure of a cufflink remained the same but only the manufacturing styles got variated. Shirts were the most common men’s garment during middle age. So, to give a different and extraordinary style to the shirts many unique designs were invented. The cuffs of the collar held together with a variously designed rope tied around it and many other visible portions of the shirts became decorative sites. and cufflinks were one of them. During the 19th century, most men started to have a highly conventional wardrobe which includes dark blazers, waistcoats, and several other pieces of jewelry. And cufflinks played an important role in enhancing their class and swag. The most famous cufflinks during that time were the color cufflinks made from gemstones. It represents a great deal of self-confidence among those who wore it. The key centers of cufflinks production over the glove was Idar-Oberstein and Pforzheim in Germany and also in few parts of Europe. The traditional antique cufflinks are still highly valued and popular. 

The Gentleman Manual 

In this present era of a dynamic fashionable lifestyle, it is vital to do something different and unique with your attire. And if unfortunately, you have got no more ideas cufflinks will help you anyway. They give the best finishing touch of class to your attire. 

Different styles of cufflink 

You may judge cufflinks as a very simple kind of jewelry. But it’s not true! There is an immense number of variously shaped, colored, structured, materials types of cufflinks. Before you go for buying any kind of cufflinks you must go through our guide and choose the best one for you. 

Bullet back cufflinks 

One of the most common cufflinks in the present market is the bullet back cufflinks. The ease of use of the product made it popular. Here a small cylinder acts as the toggle which is fliped 90 degrees to hold the shirt securely. 

Whaleback cufflinks 

It is uniquely designed like the tail of a whale. It is also one of the popular cufflinks among men. It is also known for its high security and compact design. It has a moving toggle to fit according to your comfort. It can also be modified with a diamond centerpiece in it. Which makes it even attractive and royal. 

Fixed backing cufflinks 

This is a hard and rigid piece of cufflink that doesn’t include any moving part. It has to be fitted manually with your shirt. It is also a great cufflink design because the less moving parts you have in your cufflink the less you have to worry about it. 

Chain link Cufflinks 

As the name suggests it is a cufflink where the two ends are connected with a chain. One of its biggest advantages is that its a convertible jewelry and dur to that it is highly preferable. But here the cuffs of your shirt must loose enough to get fit into it. 

Ball return cufflink 

It is an advanced style cufflink that comes in two variations either you can have it with a chain-link or a fixed rigid style. The face of the cufflink is highly varied with individual choices. The most gorgeous two designs are one with a diamond as the centerpiece and the other one with a kosher pearl in the middle of the plate. There are also various other options too. One of the common things among all variations is that all have a common ball-shaped toggle at the end. 

Knotted cufflink 

It is usually designed for informal events. It adds a different color to your funky and informal look. It is silk knotted cufflink as the name suggests. It comes in a wide variety of color variations and also very easy to use in day-to-day life. Among all the cufflinks on the list, it is the most affordable one for many. It reveals your winning personality and constructive attitude. 

Button cufflink 

It is the most secure cufflink of all, it can be fastened with no moving parts. Both of the ends are made with the same material and almost even the same design. To adjust the cufflink you just simply need to enter it through your buttonhole and place it securely over it. 

Locking cufflink 

It is a uniquely designed cufflink with a dual locking system in it, the system works similar to that of a watch. The contemporary styled cufflink adds a little more royalty to your attire. It is more known for its innovative design. 


Cufflinks are known to serve an old-world function. Cufflinks are also known as a Rich Men’s button. Not to mention it leaves a royal and classy touch to your attire. They were purposely crafted to hold the two end pieces of a shirt. Although buttons can be a more affordable and easy way to achieve the goal, cufflinks have much more artistic values and a professional attitude in them. The functional and rhetorical qualities make cufflinks one of the most worthy fashion investment you would ever make.