What is the different idea of engraving for different types of people?

Engraving is the process of carving a design onto a solid surface. It is usually done by cutting the solid surface into various desirable shapes. Engraving is the oldest method of imprinting various designs on a solid body. It is especially done to decorate various materials to give it a gorgeous texture. The engraving was historically used to produce artistic imprints on paper and dry leaves. In historical times engraving has also been used to produce fine pieces of black and white artworks. Engraving is also used for the security purpose 

There are various types of engraving that the world have witnessed, which includes the following – 

Etching – 

Etching is a type of engraving that is used mainly to curve the crystals, gemstones, glass, marbles. It is basically used to write on solid surfaces. It can be used to incise various alphabets/letters, initials, logos, or some other graphic designing on items like premium glass bottles, decorating flower pots, statues, or some other decorative articles. The process of etching is traditionally done using a strong acid. For the purpose of etching a surface a plate is prepared where the acid is laid down, the plate could be made of iron, copper, or zinc. To prepare the plate the metallic surface is first finely polished to make it completely smooth. The plate is usually acid-resistant. Then the particular material that is to be engraved is dipped into the acid to give the Solid surface its desired form. But nowadays no more acid is used in the process instead there are exclusive etching chemicals that are used. 

Important applications of etching include – 

Etching is used in industrial sectors like – Aerospace, Medical, Electronics, Automotive interiors, Printing, etc. Etching is prominently used in the electronic sector to produce numerous products such as the latest printed circuit boards, step stencils, EMI shielding, gauges, washers filters, etc. It also plays an important role in the printing industry to produce a wide range of products. For example, flexible cutting dice, hot foil stamping dice, embossing cylinders, intaglio printmaking, etc. 

Rotary engraving – 

Rotary engraving is used in some particular metals like gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. Before the lasers came into play the mechanical engraving machines were used widely to engrave various materials. The system was earlier widely used to create jewelry, trophies, mementos, etc. Even though the huge advantages of laser engraving techniques the rotary system of engraving has not yet been extinct from the industry. The main reason behind the prolonged existence of this system is the easy operating system. The operator does not need to be an expert in the field, even basic experience will do it. The new technologies in the field have made it even easier. 

It is basically the process of utilizing a sharp rotating cutter powered by a motor which is usually fitted into a spindle that gradually cuts the material partially or completely to give it the desired shape. The rotatory force of the cutter is used to create the designs or shapes on the solid surfaces. The mechanical movement is controlled by the commands of the computer. Here the design is pre-installed in a computer where the complete control of the setup is stored. Once the design is ready with a single computer command the cutter starts rotating according to the command. It is majorly used during diamond engraving. Rotary engraving is truly efficient in diamond engraving, it gives the diamond a well-shaped radiant look. 

Important applications of rotatory engraving 

It is mainly used in the production of trophies and awards. The award market is the biggest in the sector of engraving. Every function of sports, cultural events, competitions, or any other events needs the awards and trophies. So, still, there is a good existence of the rotary system of engraving in the market. Stone decoration of garments also uses rotary engraving to curve the stones of various quality to design their garments. The process is also used to engrave various other materials like plastic, glass, wood, acrylic, etc. Production of signage also uses the rotary engraving technique. This technique is easier to create braille scripts. 

Some of the latest rotary engraving equipment are – EGX-20, EGX-30A, EGX-350, EGX-400/600, EGX-360. 

The rotary system of engraving also has several drawbacks such as – due to the heat produced due to friction between the surface and the cutter during the process the body of the material can be damaged easily. This system cannot be used to engrave all the materials. The process could be even costlier in some cases. 

Laser engraving – 

The laser engraving system is the most adaptable and appropriate technique of engraving in the present era. It is legitimate in any and every type of material. It is the most precise way of engraving a wide variety of designs on metal. It provides you with a customized high-quality product. The process is carried out with a laser engraver. There are various factors why this system of engraving stands out, they are – 

Multipurpose, a single machine can be used to engrave several surfaces at the same time with a single design. It results in multi production in a very less amount of time. Jewelry of various shapes like rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings all can be engraved with a single machine. Time-saving, while it took weeks to get our jewelry ready from the traditional system of engraving. Now with the help of this system, it could be done in seconds. Versatile, you can design the most complex structures and have them successfully engraved on your jewelry. It helps to personalize your jewelry to a great extent. Whether you want to curve your name, signature, small emotional messages, family photo all could be done through the help of this system. 


Among all the engraving techniques the most efficient and trending is the laser engraving system. You must know your requirements and choose accordingly.