What is the best jewelry to wear for the Chinese new year

With just 2 months left for the Chinese New year, we all are already counting days to begin the celebration. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to catch up with our family and friends. And also to amaze them with new gifts. Not to mention, what can be a better time to revise our cupboards with new dazzling pieces of jewelry. 

This new year catch the light and stand out in the room. Even if you go to a dimly lighted bistro or a pub give yourself the smooth polished look.  Diamond pendants or crystal layer curved necklaces of various lengths will mesmerize as they will grab the light and give you a complete festive look.   

Since we are talking about China how can we forget that “Red” is the lucky color for China. It is believed that the color red chase away souls of awful prosperity. During New year’s eve in China the local community usually wears bright color cloth and jewelry. That enhances their festive and upbeat mood.   

If you are also wondering which jewelry you should go for this Chinese new year, then here are some really decent tips for you.  

Here are some top jewelry pieces that will leave your mouth wide open, 

1. DeGem 

It’s a premium part of the famous ARcht collection. It’s a pair of elegantly designed and curved earrings. It is given a curvaceous shape that parallels an appreciative arch. The Center of each earring is designed with a floating greenish piece that is the heart of the jewelry. It is further framed with exclusive premium baguette diamonds. And the top is concealed with a blazing ruby. 

2. Habib 

It’s an elegant and convoluted piece of jewelry that will bring the limelight to you. It’s a glistening necklace from the legendary Habib’s Aura collection. The design of the necklace represents an oriental-floral bolt. Gorgeous diamonds are the catalyst to luxury. And try the last touch is given by the colored gemstones which add on to the excess feminine look. 

3. Poh Kong 

If you are born in the year of the rat then it’s an ideal gift for you. The design is fully crafted in gold. It’s a cute adorable piece of jewelry that puts on an extra charm to your looks. It also pays homage to the first lunar zodiac critter. One of the interesting facts about this piece of jewelry is that it can be paired with a bracelet or chain according to one’s preference. 

4. Wah Chan 

 It is designed by the local talented crafters of Wah Chan. It’s a classic edition of jade earrings beautifully decorated with gemstones of various colors and shapes. The design is more appealing due to the diligently concocted diamonds which gives the shape of flowers growing on a frame to the base of the earpiece. 

5. Qeelin  

If you are interested in various jewelry designs of China then you must have heard about the Wulu collection. It’s an antique piece of the Qeelin’s modern wulu collection. If you are also wishing to have a lucky festive season this year then this can be a good option for you, it is believed that this particular piece of jewelry can triple your luck for the season. The design is inspired by the legendary gourd which parallels the shape of the lucky number “8.” Tue buckets of Qeelin is designed in 18k rose gold and dazzling diamonds touch. The bracelet can be paired with various trending colors according to one’s choice. 

6. LIE sprit Du Lion 

It’s an awesome diligent piece of necklace Chanel Fine Jewelry. Even though you might have heard the name of Sous de Lion high jewelry line last in about 2012 or 2013, but they are back with some really good designs of multi-chain necklaces, bracelets, and chokers. This is a standout necklace design due to its unique diamond studded lion pendant at the top of an octagon-shaped orange box. It’s is a transformable neck set in 18k yellow gold. It can be further modified with fitting diamonds on the octagonal orange box according to the customer’s choice, it will add to the luxury. 

7. Rose Des Vents 

It’s a premium new year edition of luxurious earrings. It is specially designed by Dior Joaillerie with pink gold and diamonds. The design resembles starburst-like motifs which are placed on a red creamy base. And the center of each earring is composed of a tiny diamond. It is quite affordable and gorgeous at the same time. 

8. Majestic Mogok ruby 

It’s a complete suite which consists of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. It is designed with 71-carat rubies which are extracted from Mogok mines situated in Myanmar. The specialty of this is piece is that each ruby is surrounded by patented jasmine cut and the top is covered by Mughal cut diamonds. Moreover, it gives you a variation because it can be worn in three different styles and all are unique from each other. 

9. Serpent Boheme 

If you think red is just not the color for you, then you may try this. It’s gold jewelry that looks equally elegant. It is a ring that is uniquely designed in yellow gold. The band of the ring is given the design of a rope, which makes it more eye-catching. The center is filled with a yellow gemstone which is perfectly polished. 

10. Lunar Pearl Suite 

It’s an auspicious latest collection of Mouawad. It brings a little more drama and restlessness to your jewelry. The suite consists of a matching necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelet. It is framed in a melodious fashion on 18k white and yellow gold with an addition of 59-carat diamond. It gives a royal look to your fashion.  


If you have the craze for jewels then always follow the epitome of “go big or, go home”