What is functional jewelry; different functional kind of jewelry

We all have a mindset that any jewelry item is an ornamental type of thing which is only used for decoration purpose. Basically, it is useless because it doesn’t have any function. It is just an article with no specific use. But due to the evolution of jewelry over a long time that is not the case anymore. Jewelry has evolved into functional jewelry. Maintaining the same glamour jewelry is added up with functions as well. Functional jewelry is an elegant accessory that serves a purpose. Now your jewelry not only adds glamour to your outfit but also provides you with specific functions. Not to mention, functional jewelry is the new trend in the fashion world. 

A brief history of functional jewelry – 

Functional jewelry is in use for ages. Historically jewelry is being used for more than one purpose. Here are some old antique functional jewelry – 

Signet ring – 

In the modern world, we use passwords and codes to personalize our accounts or papers. But if we go back to the historic period there were no such facilities. Using signatures as proprietary for confidential documents was not safe as it can be easily copied. So one of the safest options to personalize things is to use a stamp with a signet ring. Every signet ring represents a unique design which is different for every individual. They have been especially used by the Egyptian pharaohs about 5000 years ago. 

Perfume Locket 

The most famous jewelry between the 15th and 18th centuries is the perfume locket. These pockets were beautifully crafted in various designs. The specialty of such lockets is that it carries a tiny perfume bottle inside it. It has a small opening in the top which allows the perfume to be sprayed all over the body of the wearer. It was especially worn by the women of that era. The perfume bottles are filled with awesome liquid scents that leave a melancholic odor effect on the body of the wearer. 

Photograph Locket 

Photograph pockets have been given years before the creation of photography. These lockets were especially accustomed for gifting purposes. The locket usually has two sides which contain two photographs one of the giver and the other of the person to whom it is gifted. It was a tremendous idea to keep your loved ones near your heart. Over time it came to be associated with valentine’s day, engagements, weddings. Lovers usually used these lockets to gift them to their loved ones. 

Poison Ring 

Poison rings are a European invention of the 16th century. It has a closed chamfer which is often filled with dangerous poison. The wearer can open the bezel and pour the poison onto the food or drinks of an adversary. Most often criminals who were severely tortured due to their sins would consume the poison themselves. These types of rings are still in use to carry highly confidential data by fitting a mini SD card inside the bezel of the ring. 


It is the oldest jewelry known to be used by mankind. It was known to be used during the bronze age (circa 3200 to 600 BC in Europe). This antique piece of jewelry is simply used to fasten clothes. These were first manufactured using bones and later bronze is also used. Brooch represents the great ancient artworks that were beautifully crafted with precious gemstones and crystals. Brooches have made its come back in rest years due to antique craftsmanship values. 

Functional jewelry has evolved in several manners over years. Some of the latest functional jewelry in the present market includes – 

Federica Giuseffi 

Many of us face the problem of a broken nail. It appears odd untidy to have a single broken nail over your body. So, the solution to hide the problem and give it an even styler look is to wear a Federica giuseffi. It is a long silver ring that usually covers the damaged nail. Due to its spiral shape, it gets fit to any finger easily. The ring is fully made of silver which is anti-bacterial and also anti-inflammatory. 


It is a versatile piece of jewelry that can adapt to various needs. It is a scarf-holder bracelet which is plated with gold to give a gorgeous look. The bracelet can be worn in various styles. It is a modern scarf holder that perfectly matches your fashion statement. The item has different sections which help it to achieve great versatility. 


Merken tagged with the phrase “forget you not”. The design of merken is inspired by Mnemosyne, which is considered to be the goddess of memory. This piece of jewelry is created under scientific norms, it creates a link between neurons of our body. It immensely helps in improving memory power by creating a dynamic flow of messages in our bodies. 


It is specially designed jewelry from the collection of Francesca Gabrielli. It is a pendant designed on copper and silicone rubber. You might have often faced the problem of losing earphones in our backpacks. This issue can be countered with the use of Twirest. It is a completely new technology to wield your earphones on your pendant. It not only allows a hustle free carrying of your headphones but also creates a beautiful ornamental design through the wires of the earphones by twisting it stylishly. It is a unique piece of jewelry that you will like to own.  


It is a uniquely designed earring that is created with gold and silicone. It is a must for the present noisy world that we every day deal with. It is an earplugs earring that allows the wearer to get away from noise and stress. Since the earrings will be plugged into your earlobes so don’t need to worry about losing them. 


Functional jewelry has an immense number of benefits. It not only makes you look gorgeous but also allows you with various useful functions.