What is convertible jewelry

Convertible jewelry is the latest trending piece of jewelry in today’s era. It is a must in every woman’s collection of jewelry. Just imagine the bracelet that you are wearing on Monday morning could be worn as a necklace on Saturday night, thanks to the versatility of convertible jewelry. It is a perfect match for the dynamic lifestyle of today’s world. It was started back in October 2015 with the invention of interchangeable earrings. It was invented by several unusual events. It was during the Art Deco period that convertible jewelry got its idea. The great depression and few artistic engineering skills have brought convertible jewelry to new levels. 

In 1929, after the stock exchange got crushed there was a huge economic depression all over the glove. During that time jewelry became a luxurious item for many. Even the biggest dealers of jewelry found it difficult to market their products among the public. Then they found a tricky way to market their products through producing convertible jewelry. For example, they removed parts of a bracelet it became an earring, they added two-way parts to a ring and it became a necklace. During the process, jewelry of various new designs and shapes were also invented. This convertible jewelry came into the market. 

Convertible jewelry allows women to buy only one piece of jewelry and use them in several different manners. It not only saves costs but also adds a new style to your look. Convertible jewelry was first started by The Maison of Trabert and Hoeffer-Mauboussin. Later many other prestigious jewelry production houses followed the style. During the 1930s, Boucheron formulated a clip that joined together to form a brooch. This style of crafting jewelry traveled all over the globe due to its unique crafting design and thus convertible jewelry got a good hold in the market and flourished in different parts of the world. 

Van Cleef and Arpels 

Van Cleef and Arpel are considered to be one of the most famous designs of convertible jewelry. It was first designed by the Duchess of Windsor during the late 1930s. It took more than years for their designers to engrave this special piece of convertible jewelry due to the complex design and high engineering skills required. Then finally in 1951, the functional piece was manufactured. The art of designing a zipper with precious metals was never done before and it was extremely difficult for even the expert craftsman.  It took decades for them to perfectly shape and design it. 

Crafting convertible jewelry was considered to be a high watermark in the history of crafting jewelry. One of the famous experts in the field of jewelry design and technology has announced that convertible jewelry is a highly complicated mechanical device that is highly utilitarian and safe. 

Here we present you some of the handpicked pieces of famous convertible jewelry – 


It is usually a long necklace with a pendant which is designed and manufactured by Trabert and Hoeffer-Mauboussin during 1935. This piece of long necklace can be turned into a clip (or a brooch), two pieces of bracelets, and a pendant. It took them decades to produce this highly sophisticated and attractive design. 


This price of jewelry is created by curving sapphires into stylish flowers which are surrounded by the keg shaped motifs created from diamonds. This piece of jewelry is the most eye-catching set of accessories that you will find in a shop. 

Keshi seed pearl necklace 

This wonderfully crafted pearl necklace is an awesome art of the convertible form of jewelry. Here the entire design is crafted on the rare Keshi seed pearls. It can be broken down into three brooches, and the necklace makes four separate parts. 

Convertible Gold jewelry 

The flexibility of convertible jewelry is what makes it stand out among all kinds of jewelry. whether you want to get a festive look with heavy jewelry or a simple professional look with a minimal amount of accessories convertible form of jewelry is going to be your best friend in every situation. One of the most famous convertible gold jewelry is the Anaphora Choker, it is a gleaming example of excellent jewelry art. It also provides you the option to customize your style variously.  The options that it gives you is to wear it as a necklace, choker, pendant, or whatever another style you can think of. Anaphora Choker is literally named after a device called Anaphora. It leaves an artistic effect to your look that seems to be rare in any fashion statement. It is manufactured or available in three different fluctuations – 18k rose gold with the gorgeous south sea pearls and champagne diamonds, 18k rose gold with southern sea pearls and white diamond, and a rare combination of 18k yellow gold with south sea pearls and white diamonds. 

Diamond earrings, diamond pendants, or a combination of two 

Some of the convertible jewelry is also sold in fractions collecting the various parts and adding ut to your collection can also be an interesting job to do. You could buy a set of earrings and later if you feel that you want a change then you can easily remodel them into a necklace pendant or even a ring, the possibilities are endless. One of the live examples of such collectible convertible jewelry is the Drew Pave earrings, which can be easily converted into Few Pave Drop earnings. The drop diamond earrings produce an extra sparkle with every movement of your head, which looks quite attractive. It is available in three variations – 18k rose gold with white diamonds, 18k yellow gold with white diamonds, 18k white gold with white diamonds. 


Due to the wide versatility of convertible jewelry, it can be worn in various ways. And that is the reason why it stands out from all forms of jewelry. This form of jewelry is the most demanded form of jewelry in today’s market.