What are the different type of engraving for your jewelry

While passing through a jewelry shop have you ever admired a vintage piece of jewelry placed beautifully inside the shop? Have you stop there for a while and thought how come the designs are so perfectly polished and appealing? If yes, then there are high chances that you are looking into its engraving. 

What is an engraving of jewelry? 

Engraving is a process of curving the raw cold metals into well-polished tempting jewelry. During the process of engraving mainly the surface of the metal is given an optical and textural effect. Not only on metals engraving can be done on the surface of various materials like wood, plastic, glass, etc. 

The process of engraving has been used for centuries to produces beautiful art on various materials. This process has also evolved with the advancement of technology. The artisans use this technology to curve gorgeous designs on solid surfaces. The technology started with hand engraving and now it has shifted to laser grading. 

Here are some various types of engraving for jewelry –

1. Hand engraving technique 

The birth of engraving started with the technique of hand engraving. It is the oldest and also the most grueling method of engraving. It is usually carried out with a small sharp engraving tool known as “Graver.” Graver is designed like a pen, the outer part is like a long nip of a pen and at the end, it has palm control. The sharp edge of the nip allows the artisan to engrave designs of his choice on the hard surface while the end part is flattened shaped where the artisan rests his/her palm to get a grip. Recently the latest classic Airgraver came into the market which has automatic angle control panels which have reduced their efforts to an extent. It is done by expert artisans only. 

Since it is done by humans so there are always high chances of error. And it is also true that it can’t be exactly like a computerized engraving. But still, it holds the value of true artisan hands and the old-world charm. It requires a huge effort by the artist and as a result, it is a very time-consuming process. And also it is the costliest engraving technique. 

2. Rotary Engraving technique

In rotary engraving, the surface of the object that is to be engraved is damaged to an extent. Here too in a traditional rotary engraving system, any design is engraved by hand through a traditional engraving tool. There are also mechanical rotary engraving tools where the design is pre-programmed into the computer then it automatically engraves the design on the surface according to the pre-installed program. The automatic controls of the machine help to create more precise designs as compared to hand engraving. In the process, it uses a spinning cutter in a motor-powered spindle. The motor is used to spin the cutter according to the instructions of the pre-installed program. The depth of the engraving is also programmed before the command is given. It is even more affordable than hand engraving. Since the process is computerized it comparatively takes a lesser amount of time thus it becomes more efficient. 

However, they are also various drawbacks of rotary engraving. The bit that is used during the process needs to be replaced regularly as it gets worn out after several uses. Rotary engraving can not be performed on certain delicate materials that are sensitive to heat. The reason behind that is the amount of heat that is produced on the surface due to rotary engraving can easily heat up or damage the jewelry containing glass or gemstones.  

3. Laser engraving technique 

Laser engraving is the latest technology for engraving jewelry. It is also the most used engraving technique in the jewelry industry today. In the laser engraving technique, laser rays are made to fall on the surface of the metal and the movement of the ways engraved the metal with desired designs. Laser engraving machines are connected with computers. It is a completely automatic process done by the designer and the operator. The software that is used for the system is quite handy. The operator doesn’t need to be an expert engineer. It is made as simple as using various apps like photoshop or pics art. The software also allows the import or export of various files in every common format. This process can be carried out on any surface whether metallic or non-metallic. The level of accuracy with this system is of a very high standard. Through the laser engraving system, even the tiniest designs can be easily engraved precisely. There is not even a little chance of error since the process is fully computerized.  

Comparing to any other engraving system it is the fastest way of engraving on any material. And also it produces the best quality of products. Some of the crucial advantages of laser engraving system are – 

It is a multipurpose tool. In a laser engraving machine, various surfaces can be engraved at the same time. It saves both time and energy. A single machine can be used to engrave various jewelry like necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. It is also very versatile because it can create any complex design within seconds. It provides you with a wide range of options. Whether you want to engrave your jewelry with a significant logo, family photo, initials, short messages, almost everything is possible through the laser engraving system. In this system of engraving only the laser light rays touch the surface of the metal, there is no physical contact between the machine and the jewelry so the risk of causing damage to the product is also zero. The jewelry that took weeks to get prepared earlier could be made in seconds now. 


Various engraving techniques are discussed here. Among all, the laser engraving technique is the most precise one.