What are the different type of cufflinks

Don’t you get bored with wearing your regular outfit daily? Want to try something new? Then cufflinks can be a good option for you. Cufflinks are beautifully crafted jewelry items for men. Basically, people will try to convince you that cufflinks are just an alternative to buttons. But believe me, they are much more than that. Cufflinks allow you personalized your look in various ways. For example, you can represent your favorite team, unique quotes, fashion statements, initials, and many such things. This tiny button like looking substance can add much more glamour to your attire. Starting from the 1600s till today cufflinks were never out of fashion. It was all due to its flavor adding nature and royalty. Here we will see various kinds of cufflinks that are surely going to help your taste for jewelry. 

Different variations of cufflinks – 

Bullet back cufflink 

These are specially designed cufflinks that have bullet-shaped toggles to secure it inside the fabric. The bullet-like cylinders are set in between two solid posts Which can be flipped according to your desire. Such type of cufflinks usually fit any formal gatherings. These are also known as toggle closure cufflinks. 

Whale back cufflink 

These are also known as whale tail cufflinks. As the name suggests bottom of these cufflinks is designed like the tail of a whale. The system is quite similar to that of a bullet back cufflink. The tailed shape back can be flipped in different directions to secure it into the fabrics. The bottom is fixed with a large post which makes it even simpler to use. The face is usually flattened and well designed.  

Fixed back cufflink 

These well-designed cufflinks are truly glamourous and eye-catching. They will obviously help you to stand out in a crowd. Since they have no moving parts in them they are more secure to wear. You may find it a little tricky to wear it but they are more durable and strong. They are also known as button style cufflink. 

Chain link cufflink 

As the name suggests the two ends of the cufflinks are linked with a chain. These type of cufflinks are usually referred to by many due to its unique ability to fasten or loosen the cufflink according to one’s choice. The chain particles can be added or taken off effortlessly due to its system. And it also looks desirable and unique. 

Ball return cufflink  

You could have understood from the name itself that it has a ball-shaped end. The heavy ball is attached to a solid post. Such cufflinks offer a wide variety of variations with different engraving quality. But here one thing remains common in all and that is the ball end of the cufflink. 

Locking dual-action cufflink 

It is a highly mechanized cufflink that is almost similar to that of a metal watch lock. These cufflinks have a unique locking feature which makes them even secure. These are also the easiest to wear and maintain. It is equipped with a dual foldable locking system. 

Knotted cufflink 

These are made of silk and available in a variety of colors. These are also highly preferable due to its easily usable quality and affordability. These are usually worn during informal events. 

Calibre cut 

These cufflinks are featured with square shoes precious gems. They are available in variable sizes. The gemstone is usually surrounded by a thin rim of metal. They also provide you with a wide variety of stones you can choose according to your attire and fashion idea. 

Torpedo cufflink 

These are fixed cufflinks with two faces in it, one is usually decorated and the other one is plain. The plain face is inserted through the cuff of the shirt and secured inside the various layers. They also provide a wide variety of designs and options for you to choose from.

Dress set 

These exist in matching studs and buttons. Such type of cufflinks is convertible jewelry, which allows it to be worn in several manners. The designer’s face can be separated and worn as ear studs. 


These are simply designed cufflinks where two balls are situated on the two ends of a post. Due to their simple design, they look more gentle and appealing. They have a spark in themselves. 


Spool cufflinks have a symmetrical design. Both the ends are attached to a single rod. Since it is symmetrical it can be worn either way, both of the sides look similar. Young boys have a craze for such cufflinks. 


These cufflinks are engraved with various ogham alphabet. The alphabet can be designed both horizontally or vertically. Such cufflinks are very unique due to its uncommon fashion. They have an antique glimpse and most of those who wear them look more royal and rich. 

Ball returns 

One of the simplest cufflinks you will find in today’s market is the ball returns. They have a single rod where a curved ball shape is attached to the bottom and a flat front design. You can even customize it with precious stones and signs engrave of your choice. 

Wrap a round 

It is designed on a bend. The bend which is designed all over with tinny glass particles can be wrapped around partially or fully inside the various layers of the cuff. They come in two variations either with a solid trap or a mesh styling as well. 

Bridge connecting cufflinks  

Here the two ends of a cufflink are connected with a flat bridge. This is the most uniquely designed cufflink you will find. Not many people go for this design due to its unique styling. But it can be a great idea if you truly have a fashion craze. Such types of cufflinks are also considered antique and they are very rarely available in today’s market. 


There are variously styled cufflinks you must go for the option with which you are comfortable with.