Things you need to know about the Couple Ring


So, you are in a certain stage of your relationship where you decided that you really like your partner but aren’t quite ready enough to marry or engage yet. So, what do you do? Well, a Couple ring can be a great choice to show your lover your commitment to the relationship without having to marry. If you got intrigued by the concept, then keep on reading, as I’ll write what you absolutely need to know about the couple ring below.

1- Difference between a couple ring and an engagement ring

As mentioned above, an engagement ring is used by couples that have plans to marry in the near future, with all the cheesy proposals and expensive rings. On the other hand, Couple rings can be used at any time in the relationship, beginning, middle, and end. It`s normally used by couples to express their love or to have them having something to remember their partner by. It can be a very powerful tool if you plan to take your relationship to the next level, so maybe go check it out. Many young couples, ranging from 18 to 28 are using this ring since they are at an age where marriage is something far away, both financially and emotionally, so instead, they choose a couple ring to symbolize their commitment.

2- They can be customized.

Yes, you can make any ring you want, how cool is that? While engagements and marriage rings follow a somehow strict pattern of design, like how many diamonds there are, or the material is made of, in the Couple ring you don’t really need to follow these guidelines. Since the Couple ring is a little bit more informal than the marriage ring, you can go wild on your designs for it. Meet her on a Comic Con and want to have a nerdy ring? Do it. Have you guys had a special narrative of how you meet and want to have a ring that remember you guys of it? Sure, sounds really nice. Having said that, there are a couple of guidelines that are useful, not mandatory, to follow while choosing a Couple ring. On the next topic, you will find a guide for them.

3- A little guide on how to customize your Couple ring

As mentioned above, Couple rings can be very customizable, but even then, it is recommended that you follow some guidelines while choosing your ring. Here are some of these guidelines

Placement: It is important to decide on which finger you will be using your ring. Unlike engagement rings, you don’t have to use a specific finger or hand, but you should match your partner’s placement at least.  I would recommend for you to use on your middle finger and the main hand since it`s more comfortable and tends to not bother you in day-to-day tasks. Of course, if you don’t enjoy using a ring on your middle finger, you are free to change it as you please.

Style: Since you can customize your ring, you should really pick one that matches your style, so giving a twinkle of your personality is a great idea. But you know, don’t go crazy and put a skull on it or something.

Metal: Depending on the couple’s choices, a ring can have a multitude of metals on it. You can use some metals to match colors, and since metal is a highly malleable metal you can use it to create a unique design, flower, monuments, historical places, you name it. Pretty cool right?

Diamonds: If you are willing to spend a little more, putting diamonds on the ring it`s a nice fashion choice. With it, you can create some unique, and shiny, designs. These designs are normally made by combining different shapes and numbers of diamonds.

Setting: Basically, the overall theme of the ring. It`s recommended to pick a setting that shows harmony and balance. This can be achieved through the use of unique designs or beadwork detailing on the metal.

4- Is it for you?

Well, now you must be wondering if you should buy a Couple ring. Here are a couple of questions to help you decide. Are you in a serious relationship? If you aren’t in one you should probably talk to your partner about your relationship status. Don’t suddenly come out with the idea of a Couple ring, that can really scare away your partner, talk to him/her first if the relationship is serious, and then later suggest making a Couple ring.

Are you willing to have to wear a ring though most of the day? It might get a little uncombable sometimes and you might lose it! Yep, it isn’t all roses.

Are you willing to pay for the ring? Even though the ring has some cheaper models, it is still a little bit expensive, so you should do some calculations to see if you have the extra cash available and if you would rather expend on something else, like a trip or something. 

In the end, you should probably give some thought and have a discussion with your partner before ordering you Couple Ring.


 As we all saw above, Couple rings are a great choice if you want to start committing to a more serious relationship, or if you want a more concrete form of expressing your feelings to your special someone. We also saw how customizable Couple rings can be, so no matter how exotic is your taste, you will probably find something that suits you (with the exception of crazy wild things, like skulls). There are of course a bunch of different materials, designs, and even the option of putting a diamond.

So, in the end, should you get one? There are of course various factors that contribute to this answer, but if you are serious and have the budget to buy one, then why not? It`s stylish and I am sure your partner will love the idea that you want more commitment out of your relationship.