Things to put on a personalized bar necklace: nameplate necklace

You might have always wondered sometimes that “if I could add a unique style to my fashion statement?” But getting your unique style ready could be a tricky job to perform. You can never be certain about any particular style or design that will perfectly fit you. You want to choose something that will make you stand out from the crowd. A simple fact about fashion is that whatever you wear or put up to go out is going to send a message to the world about you. And when you look yourself in the mirror it will constantly remind you about who you are. Here we brought you a special guide that will help you to enhance your sense of styling. 

There is a common concept of human psychology that says if you want to establish a particular trait or character in yourself then you must act like you are already having it in you. Then automatically you will start displaying that trait you have opt for. The same goes for your way of dress up. Your style of dressing up will not only give a message to the public but also will show what kind of personality you have to a great extent. So you must be careful or rather updated with the fashion statement that fits your character. 

Bar jewelry is the best way to make a difference 

Every one of us wants to make a difference, a mark that will not be common but a whole new fashion look. And if you also feel the same way then bar jewelry is the best option for you. A personalized form of a bar necklace can be the best elegant jewelry for your daily purpose. Whether you are going to the office, formal parties, informal events, celebrations, everywhere a customized bar necklace fits itself. It is the only place of jewelry that will match both your formal and informal look. And it is also very easy to handle in daily life which presents it even preferable. It not only adds class and royalty to your look but also gives personal info about you, which is very rare in jewelry. 

Are you confused about what you should add to your customized bar necklace? 

Include a special coordinate to your necklace 

One of the classy moves that you can make in today’s jewelry is to include a GPS coordinate. Adding coordinated not only curves your jewelry elegantly but also provides you with a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you want to add a mark of your childhood home, first date memories, favorite city or any such memorable things can be added as coordinates to your necklace. Adding such coordinates is a great way to personalize your jewelry with awesome taste in art. The coordinates add up and give a wonderful massage. 

A memorable date 

You can always go for engraving memorable dates to your bar necklace. In our life, we all have some special dates which can be forgotten till our death. Such dates are usually very near to our hearts and attach to our emotions. So it is a great idea to engrave such dates to keep it closer to our heart. You can hardly find only a few such dates in your life so you can either go for embracing all of them or only one at a time, the choice is yours. Such a way of personalizing your necklace can be a great way to create an incredible fashion statement. 

Engrave your initials 

It’s an antique of personalizing your jewelry. It may be old but never out of fashion. You can always go for engraving your initials or the initials of your loved ones. Not only initials even small messages or inspirational quotes can be imprinted on your necklace. This style of curving your bar necklace is quite elegant and eye-catching. Surely a simple bar as a necklace can be good but you must also add a few unique features to make it more customized. Why not play a little tricky to make them wonder how you did it? 

One of the key concepts in bar necklaces and nameplate necklaces is the charm of the necklace. So let’s dig a little deeper to grab the concept. 

The charm of the necklace reveals your love for personal interest or hobby. Charms also provide you an option to pay tribute to your favorite person or an elder in your family, the options are endless. If your charm is without the connecting chains then you have to attach it to the necklace if you want to wear it. The process is very simple. Here it is explained in brief – 

Get a hold of the jump ring using your first two fingers. Pull the end of the rings to open it. Insert the charm into the ring that you have opened previously. Then after inserting the charm into the jump ring fasten it securely. Bring the two ends together back to their place. Then open the clasp of the chain then insert the jump ring into the ring holding of the necklace chain. Then let the charm fall naturally from the chain. Close the chain clasp after putting on the chain around your neck and then let it fall naturally. Thus the charm is placed successfully on your chain. If you don’t like the natural fall of the charm from the chain then you alter the settings by placing the jump ring in any in-between chain connections to uplift it. But most people like the natural deal of the charm. 

This could be the best additional feature that you can add to your bar necklace to make it even gorgeous. 


There are numerous ways of personalizing your bar necklace. All the best ways to give a gorgeous look to your necklace are already mentioned above.