The most frequently asked questions about jewelry

Jewelry is popular among all people. everyone wants to wear jewelry that’s why everyone is curious about jewelry. Curiosity always generates questions that’s why a long list is created of different questions tat people ask. Such questions are dealt via different sites. 

The value of ornamental gemstones, both men and women, we all know. It is made up of items that decorate people’s personalities. Jewelry has been used for several decades in our decorative infrastructure. In their homes and in different events, people use various types of decorative objects.

Joys was meant to be used for the first time around 6000 years ago. Man, almost ten thousand years ago began his life on Earth. People also had many decorative objects, but at that time there was no specific name given. These artefacts have been useful in human decorations for around 6000 years. Both necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings are included in the pieces of gem.

Women from Egypt, France, Iran and England used gems to make things fun to look at in the past. As jewelry, different metals can be used. Gold was used in various carats for several decades as a gem. Gold is a few days of happiness too.

The most frequently asked questions and their answers are explained as follows:

QNO.1: what is difference between polishing and cleaning of rings?

ANS: polishing: polishing is something sequential that removes all scratches from the jewels. Polishing is performed by buffing jewelry on the wheel and then remove all the abrasive damages and create shining in it. when damage occurs to our jewels, we take them to related company. they take two to three days and return our goods with new look. Hence, polishing is time consuming and also money-oriented service.


Cleaning is just a process of removing dirt. It can be done at home without giving any extra charges. Use simple water and soap and clean all your ornaments. 

QNO.2: How do I clean my jewelry items including rings, gems and bracelets?

ANS: Perfectly before packaging, clean jewelry pieces. A number of cleaners, including domestic cleaners, are available. When you store gemstones without cleaning, different chemical reactions rust your ornamentation. The usual rusting is linked to all metals such as iron. Therefore, certain methods should be used to clean the jewelry properly.

Using cleaner home-made in particular. Following steps are necessary for the home-made cleaning of gems. The next thing is:

• Put jewelry in a glass jar.

• Apply half a cup of vinegar to this, followed by adding hazel. Both laundromats are fine.

In that cup, put the gems overnight. The washing and the removal of all unwanted jewelry items will be completed by the process.

• Next morning the baked soda is sealed. Brush with toothbrush. Sprinkle. Then. Then. Scrubbing is used to brush soil particles at the corners.

• Water is easy to clean.

• Joys are now ready for storage.

QNO.3: how do I maintain and care my jewelry?

ANS: After every use, jewelry should be kept and purified. They can be rusted and crooked if we don’t care about precious things. This is why the proper care of the jewelry is very important.

Clean and store your jewelry at the right location after every use. Home-made cleaning methods are also available for cleaning. Save your important pennies with those procedures.

In jewelry maintenance, cleaning is very necessary and important. Treatment plays an important part in maintenance as well. We should also follow care tips to make our jewelry best in the long run, for example by being over-use, being cautious about the rough use etc.

QNO.4: what is difference between white gold and yellow gold:

ANS: the difference is of color. When we extract gold from earth, we get white yellow gold. Hence, naturally no white gold is present. Naturally, gold is yellow. But after further processes, gold color is changed into white also. 14k gold is 58% gold mixed with copper and silver while 18k gold is 75% gold mixed with small ration of copper and silver.  Karate is a unit of measurement that how much gold is present in a mixture of alloy. 

QNO. 5: what to wear in jewelry with different outfits?

ANS: You have to select correct jewelry for each dress, otherwise your ornament won’t create glow. Similarly, women have different necklines, some have the shape of V, some are straightforward, some are long-necked, some are broad, etc. You have no power to alter these ways, but influence your preference. If you have a slim and long body, you shouldn’t wear a necklace with wide and broad features, according to neckline and other gems. Try wearing a necklace long and slender. The same is true for wide neckline adornment, which is wide and circular on the neck.

QNO. 6: can you stretch or size my ring and bracelet?

ANS: different devices are present that are used to stretch and size the rings and bracelets. For solid and platinum rings, a specific device is used. But only to a small extent, size can be changed. If you require a large up or down in size then it is not possible for a jeweler. If the ring is made of a contemporary metal (i.e. tungsten carbide, cobalt, titanium, or stainless steel) the ring cannot be size by a jeweler because of the hardness of the metal.

QNO. 7: what materials can be used in the manufacturing of jewelry?

ANS:  we use silver, gold, platinum, diamond, gemstones, titanium, cobalt and stainless steel. Many other materials are also used in making jewelries. But the most common and precious metals among them are gold, diamond and platinum. 


Jewelry items attract people. everyone wants to show his advance status in the society and jewelry is one of the main sources of showing off. That’s why people often ask questions before buying such expensive products.