Must have jewelry for men

Jewelry for men is essential, it is a style conundrum. Besides wearing attractive attire a little jewelry can catalyst your confidence in the field. It gives you a new dimension and opportunity to showcase your talent in a stylish manner. Not to mention, it adds a little more spark to your personality. Jewelry for men has a whole new group of rules comparing the jewelry of women. As a professional working man, you don’t need to go for multiple accessories even a minimal touch of jewelry will do the job. Men with elegant jewelry not only appear classic but it gives others the idea that you are still young and wild. But if you make the mistake of opting for heavy jewelry it would give others the idea that you are too young and not serious, rather than being a sharp, mature professional. 

There are some basic rules or wearing men’s jewelry – 

If you are totally new in this field which refers that you have never even tried a pair of cufflinks before there you follow some ideas for wearing it. Choose your metal wisely and never combine two metals at a go. For example, never were jewelry made of gold and silver together. If you mix up the metals then your whole attire may be flattered due to that and it usually looks odd. If your preference is gold then you must keep in mind that gold makes you look warmer and bright and more essentially it may not match all your outfits. So you must choose the attire where gold gets perfectly fit. Gold is also known to be confident men’s choice, but if done incorrectly then it may appear a little tricky. If you decide to opt for gold, it is better to wear minimal accessories. For example, a simple gold ring, cufflinks, and watches. If your choice is cooper, it makes you appear orangy which usually fits with a dark outfit. And if you choose silver or steel then the game is neutral. Silver appears to be classic, inexpensive, and stylish that is the reason why many men choose this metal. It is usually for those who want to keep it simple and attractive. Steel or silver color usually fits with any outfit. You can also go for platinum, platinum gives a combined look of both gold and silver. In the present era, many men go for platinum wedding rings because it is luxurious, attractive and also lasts long. Platinum watches are also very eye-catching and unique. But the only problem with platinum is that it may look a bit too shiny for some people. 

If you don’t follow these basic agendas then your charm may be a little disheartened. 

Some jewelry essentials for every man –  


You can find till today most of the man is reluctant to wear a necklace. They feel it’s a feminine kind of jewelry or maybe even too chunky. But this concept is outdated now, wearing a mid-weight chain with a tiny pendant with it will only enhance the overall glamour of your outfit. Men with a light chain around their necks look way more attractive and professional in today’s era. 


Most of the men wear their first ring only during their wedding, but that doesn’t indicate that we can’t experiment a little.  If you are married then your wedding ring will always remain your fashion statement. And if you are single then you have a wide range of choices. You can go for large chunky rings, stoned round rings, customized engraved rings, and many such. The signet ring is one of the most trending fashion statement among men. They look perfectly manly on your finger with your initials engraved in it. Or even a simple plain silver ring never goes out of fashion. It always adds an extra charm to your personality. But you must also keep in mind that your rung must match your environment. One of the important rules for wearing rings for men is that you must keep your rings strict to one hand.  


There are various stylish gents bracelets available in the market. But you must be careful that your bracelet matches the dress you are wearing, if not then it looks a little odd. Always wear the bracelet on your stronger hand. You can also go for customized bracelets with your initials or short messages engraved on them. 


Cufflinks are usually worn during formal events either combined with a tie or shirt. It can add a classic taste to your black tie and make you appear royale. However, what you should be careful about is that the metal of your cufflinks must match the metal of the other jewelry you are wearing. Since it is a very tiny part of your outfit it may even go unnoticed so you can play some tricks with it. You can either choose various designs or add a contrast material to it such as a diamond or a ruby. 

A tie clip 

The tie clip is a very common form of jewelry that almost everyone prefers. But it also plays an important role to add glamour to your suite. It is usually a professional kind of thing mainly used by the corporates. They are specially designed to add a bit more professionality to your attire. It mainly fits events like business meetings, formal parties, or even everyday office. The metal of your tie clip must match the metal of your other jewelry, otherwise, it could be even the game spoiler if not worn properly. 


Some basic jewelry is mandatory for every man to appear sharp, mature, and professional. A little touch of jewelry will do the work of adding the spark and manliness to your personality. So with all the given details choose the right accessory for yourself.