Men’s guide to wearing jewelry

The word “man jewelry” has no affection and considered it boring and feminine. We don not allow us to break our own created myths. The circle in which we all are circulating is so hard that a ordinary man has no power to tear it down. Have some guts and be normalize ‘man jewelry’ as well. 

Due to this chaos, experts do not talk about the rules and regulations and fashions related to man while wearing jewelry. Try to focus on such things. In recent years, man wearing jewelry considered alien type creature however, watch was and still in our culture. But watch is not the complete jewelry. Last years were really hard on men in this regard. 

But according to studies, now, men are wearing more jewelry than women. This study is not general and overall but related to specific portions and regions of planet earth. Jewelry has also special history from Egyptian eras to modern ages. People were aware of ornaments and jewels even at that times. Both necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings are included in the joke pieces.

Women from Egypt, France, Iran and England used gems to make it fun to see in the past. As jewellery, different metals can be used. Gold was used as a gem in various carats for many decades. A few days of joy is also gold. Gold.

Diamond is also one of the world’s most precious metals. First in India and then elsewhere, diamonds were mined and now sparkling coal is largely recovered from the earth’s crust. The earth’s crusts. Other gems, including amber, emerald, jad, quartz, saphire, jad are present in various places.

Platinum, gold and silver are other metals which play an important role in jewellery items. Various methods are used to make gems made from these metals. The ornaments attract primarily people with a shiny and polished appearance.

 “I always say we make jewelry for the guy who doesn’t wear jewelry,”

Similar thoughts were from saiger:

“If a guy will wear a watch, he’ll wear Miansai.”

men are always under sarcastic smiles while wearing jewelry. Experts could not understand the reason. We have specialized some things to just one gender. Sometimes we think driving and defense etc. are only men ruling and men working fields. Women should not enter in these but this mind set should be wiped out. Women should be empowered in all sectors. At the same time, men should have all rights to wear what they want. Society shouldn’t make it taboo. 

“The only thing on the market was big, chunky, silver jewelry. It’s for a very particular kind of guy and it makes a big statement about the man wearing it. I try to make an accessory that feels more like an accent to only enhance a man’s personality, but doesn’t necessarily define who he is. They’re conversation pieces, but they don’t overpower.”

You have purchased a lot of jewelry items, some by luster, some attracted you, some by proposal of someone. But now, you have to follow guidelines while purchasing jewelry items. Because if you have proper guidelines then you can wear jewels which really boost up your personality. Every item has its separate rules and regulations. Try to follow these.

  • Bracelets:

Past trends were to wear large, heavy and thicker bracelets. But now we have moved and changed ourselves. Now, bracelets are more concise and sophisticated. Bracelets should be thin, streamline that can easily wear on. According to Saiger:

“I like to combine a simple cuff with another bracelet that has a different texture, be it rope or leather. Nothing that’s too overwhelming or looks like an ‘arm party’.”

Balance your writs while wearing multiple bracelets. Don’t look over obsessive with bracelets. A single stylish bracelet is enough to enhance your personality but if you want to wear multiple bracelets then make sure they don’t contrast with your personality. 

  • Rings:

Men are also wearing rings having multiple shapes and colors. Always use single ring on one hand. If you wear one ring in your ring finger then don’t wear another on the same hand. this practice will enhance glow of your single ring. Always try to wear single ring. On other hand, you can wear another ring and balance it. according to saiger, world’s best jewelry designer,

“It looks dope on its own and there’s no need to add to it. But if your style vibe is a bit bolder, you can possibly add one more to that hand, but definitely not more than two rings. ‘Less is more’ should always be the rule.”

In men’s jewelry, bands have also very much importance. Simple and stylish bands are available in the market. You can wear multiple bands on your both hands but always try your best to balance your personality. If you are obsessed with jewelry then your outlook will be tarnished. If you appear balanced then you will look pretty and handsome. 

  • Necklaces:

A modern necklace touching your chest with a T-shirt enhances your dashing personality. Always be moderate. Use modern necklaces having medium length. Don’t rush towards long and heavy necklaces. 

As we know, in the most professional way, saiger explains to us what are the modern requirements and what should a man wear in this modern society. 

According to saiger:

“A great way to layer is to start with a 24-inch simple chain (with or without a pendant), and then layer a 22-inch smaller chain with a pendant to add interest to your everyday T-shirt or sweatshirt. You can mix and match complimentary metals for next-level style”.

Hence, you should wear necklace according to everyday changing trend.

Summing up:

Be sure you are wearing what seems perfect and professional on you. Different sets of jewelry are named according to the situations. try to be professional while working, be dashing while attending an event and be sophisticated while in a meeting. All can be achieved by having perfect sense of wearing jewelry.