Jewelry trend for fall 2020

In today’s era, no outfit is complete without a ring, necklace, earrings, or even cuffs for that matter. The new trend of fashion never fails to attract our attention. Almost every one of us tries to maintain ourselves with the latest trend and none of us wants to detract out of fashion. The dress that we wear the way we look gives a message to the world about ourselves. So it is important to check that the right message is being delivered. A complete attire consists of proper clothes, proper shoes, the making of hairs, and the proper use of jewelry. So to have a complete attire that suits your personality you must fulfill all the criteria. 

Here we are going to look into some of the latest and trending jewelry styles for the fall/winter season of 2020. During the season we have witnessed a range of trending products starting from the polished and beautiful to ultra-glamorous and a little gritty and several trending shoes. A various range of aesthetic manifests via earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets are witnessed. 

Here we have brought you the six biggest jewelry trends of the season –  

Well-Polished chains 

Since December 2019, the highly polished metal chains have been trending till now. It was just after Daniel Lee appeared well-polished chunk chain links down the Bottega Veneta the design went viral among most of the fashion craze women. Now chain links have become so famous that it not only appears in jewelry but also on clothing, ladies’ handbags, shoes literally everywhere. where ever you will see decorative connections being made you are sure to find metal connecting chains. The bright golden polish of the chains makes them even attractive and eye-catching. Almost most of the jewelry items like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings almost all the variants now consist of this chain-like structure. These pieces of jewelry are extremely gorgeous. 

Heavy metallic structures 

It seems like all sorts of designs in jewelry have gone out of fashion now. So here is something truly unique and fashionable. Almost all the jewelry designers these times used heavy metallic structures to design their jewelry. And the unique structure and shape made them stand out of all. These are ultra-polished metal pieces that have no certain design lines, but all of them are curved in a highly fashionable manner. Many well-built personalities are witnessed with such kinds of jewelry for example – Balmain, Proenza Schouler, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, and some more. This jewelry represents the bold character of a woman. 


The pearl jewelry is also a standout in the minds of the designers for the winter 2020 season. Pearls jewelry has been used for ages now, it is due to their gentle and classic look they never go out of fashion. Pearls leave a ladylike touch to your attire which is appreciated by most of the men. They are used not only to make jewelry but also for various decorative designs on clothes themselves. They are best for making pendants, earrings, nose pins, rings, and necklaces. This pearl jewelry is a standout for the winter season of 2020. 

Punkie pieces 

Punkie pieces are an antique form of jewelry that existed in the late ’90s. But to their artistic values and gorgeous design, they are back with even more perfection. This kind of jewelry allows a mixture of metals, for example, if you are going for punkie earrings then on one side you can have a gold-plated design and on the other side, a silver-plated earring. This is a new concept of designing jewelry that is much more eye-catching and attractive. This can add a new feature or a different taste to your collection of jewelry. This antique piece of jewelry is back in trend for the winter of 2020. This trend of wearing punkie jewelry is simply termed as “a mood”. So, this can be a great idea to out show your unique taste in jewelry. 

Dazzling Rhinestones 

Rhinestones are declared to be the most trending jewelry by the top designers of New York, London, and Milan. These are precious stones designed and curved to form dazzling earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. The stones usually used are the jewelry are gemstones, diamonds, and pearls. Since the stones reflect most of the light they receive the jewelry is noticeable from a far distance due to its extra shine. Some of the renowned creators of such jewelry are – cascading-gem-and-pearl creations at Prabal Gurung and Bradon Maxwell. One of the most models of rhinestone jewelry is the cocktail style earrings designed and manufactured by Bradon Maxwell. This piece of jewelry gives a touch of royalty to your look and also gets fit to most of the outfits whether formal or informal. Wearing rhinestone jewelry is highly recommended during the night or evening because of its sparkling effect in the dark. 

Shoulder Reaching Earrings 

One of the most trending earrings in recent seasons is the hoops and door-knocker earrings. But, it is predicted that the fall of 2020 will bring back the statement earrings into trend especially the shoulder-grazing ones. Some of the famous manufacturers of shoulder reaching earrings are Ulla Jhonson, Simone Rocha, Arthur Arbesser. The lengthy designed earrings are curved to make you appear bold and stylish at the same time. Such earnings are best fitted with traditional attire and a variety of colored fabrics. The earrings open up the way to express your taste of royalty and glamour. 


Choosing a unique fashion statement for yourself is of utmost priority in the present era. It makes you appear as a well-updated and stylish individual who is aware of the latest trends and knows how to choose the best for themselves. The top trending jewelry for fall 2020 is already being mentioned in the above article. So, get the graphs made and give your best to choose the best for you.