How to maintenance your jewelry

Jewelry should be maintained and cleaned after every use. If we don’t care out precious item, they may become rusted and crooked. That’s why jewelry maintenance is very necessary in terms of its proper care.

Jewelry Maintenance
Jewelry Maintenance

After every use, clean and then store jewelry at proper place. For cleaning, home-made cleaning procedures are also available. Use that procedures and save your precious pennies.  

Home-made cleaning:

Clean jewelry goods perfectly before storage. A variety of cleaners are available, including home-made cleaners. If you store gemstones without washing, your ornamentation will be rusted by various chemical reactions. All metals like iron are related to normal rusting. This is why many techniques should be used to properly clean the jewelry.

In specific, use, cleaner home-made. For homemade cleaning of jewelry, follow steps are required. The following are:

  • In glass container, placed jewelry.
  • In it, add half cup of vinegar and then add hazel. Both are well laundromats.
  • Put the gems for overnight in that cup. The process of washing and allowing jewelry to soak will complete the removal of all unwanted objects from jewelry.
  • The baked soda will be coated by the next morning. Sprinkle with toothbrush. Afterwards. Dirt particles in corners are brushed away by scrubbing.
  • Rinse easily with water.
  • Now, jewelry is ready for storage purposes. 

Cleaning is very necessary and important step in jewelry maintenance. In maintenance, care also plays very important role. Such as care from being over use, care from rough use etc. we should also follow care tips to make our jewelry goods best in the long run of life. 

The following tips should be followed in order to make jewelry items best for proper use. 

  • Don’t use in gym:

Avoid jewelry use in gym. It is important for our safety as well as for ornament’s safety. In gym while exercising, jewelry items can be caught in gym equipment. During gym, sweat is produced by our body. Sweat makes ornaments dirty and rough. Avoid such rough use of jewelry otherwise, their Chamness and attractive look will be diminished. scratches can also be produced on the rings, bracelets. During exercise, you don’t have other thoughts on your mind, hence wearing jewelry items can leave you in forever regrets. Sometimes, the jewels are gifts from special one. If we waste such precious things making such nonsense then our life will full f regrets after that.

  • Remove jewels:

While working, redesigning your interiors, moving furniture and doing such other heavy works, remove your rings, bracelets and all other types of jewelry items. This works can cause serious damages to your jewelry items after all they are made of heavy and precious metals and they are also very precious and close to your heart. 

Take your jewelry off prior to sleep. During sleeping, we are not in our senses, hence, scrubbing with something hard can produce scratches on jewelry. We sleep to make ourselves relax and to omit tiredness of whole day, that’s why for being a relaxed person, you should free your body from all kinds of jewelry items, shoes and hard clothes, wear soft night dresses and take long sleep with beautiful dreams. 

  • Remove jewelry while swimming:

Before diving, take all kinds of precious metals off from your body and then hit the pool or ocean. While swimming, water pressure is exerted on your ornaments such as on rings, bracelets. It can deform your jewelry and can also produce abrasive damages and scratches. In ocean water, a number of salts and chemicals are also present that can react with your metal and disturb its brightness and form. So, avoid all kinds of such activities while wearing jewelry items. 

Clean your gems, rings, bracelets at home regularly to keep them safe. Use toothbrush with vinegar and then soak jewelry in baking soda overnight. All these things maintain your jewelry and keep it safe for long term usage.

There are different ways to clean different types of jewelry goods. You can’t apply same procedure to gemstones, rings, earrings, bracelets etc. all ae different in nature, materials and shapes so require different treatment regarding their maintenance. 

Hence, different items are cleaned differently and their procedures are as follows:

  • Gold cleaning:

Gold is very precious metal and its cleaning should be maintained softly. Gold is cleaned by adding dish washing soap in warm water and then soak gold chains, gold rings, earrings, bracelets and all other gold items in it. don’t put small items directly in solution. Apply strainer on small items and then put them in the solution. Large items can go directly in the solution. After soaking 5 to 10 minutes, now use soft toothbrush and remove entangled dirt from all corners. Hence, all gold items are cleaned simply.

  • Gems cleaning:

Precious gems can be of diamond, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Their cleaning procedure is same as the cleaning procedure of gold has been explained. But don’t mix dish washer soap with warm water. Instead of using simple water, use seltzer water and mix soap into it. this special water will maintain the 

Surface shine of all gems. 

In Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab tests, the carbonation helped loosen soil and removed debris trapped in the settings and on the facets.

Brush stones and settings with a soft toothbrush; then, dip in clear water to rinse or place the pieces in a strainer and rinse under running water. Buff dry and admire the sparkle.

  • Pearls cleaning:

Pearls are porous and they can easily loose their luster. Don’t soak pearls in warm water and soap solution. This can result in loosing their luster. Add shampoo in warm water and then use a soft toothbrush. Dip that brush in the solution and then gently start cleaning pearls.

After washing, rinse the pearls with soft, and clean cloth and prevent it from scratching. 

Summing up:

All above discussion is for proper maintenance of jewelry items. Kindly follow all above rules and make your jewelry items available for long term use.