Is it a keychain or keyring jewelry?

Before discussing this question let us understand what are key chains or key rings actually are. 


The key chain is usually a small chain made of metal which has various keys attached to it fashionably. The length of the key chain plays an important role in its design. The ends of the key chains are left free for rotation so that the chain does not get twisted while it is used.  It is also used by professionals as a connection between a key ring and the belt of an individual. It is used often by individuals who always have to keep keys with them like a gatekeeper, prison guard, generator room controller, etc. The key chain helps them to keep a track of their keys. 


It is a split ring which helps to hold keys and few other small articles. Sometimes keyrings are also connected to the keychains. One of the most common keyrings that we usually witness is a single metal piece in a double loop. It creates a unique design and gets a better hold of the items attached to it. 

Can we consider keychains or key rings as jewelry? 

It is a debatable issue. The whole thing depends on, “what you consider jewelry as?” If you simply believe that jewelry is something that we wear to glorify our attire or as an appreciation to our dress then you will also believe that keychain cannot be considered as jewelry. But if we go a little deeper to understand the true meaning of jewelry then we will realize that jewelry I not only something that is worn to complement our outfit but it is an art in itself. Every jewelry item has a significant meaning in itself. Each jewelry item has a different purpose and beauty in itself. If I ask you do you consider cufflinks as jewelry? What about a belt buckle? And what about a watch? You may not see these items as jewelry but amazingly cufflinks, belt buckles, watches all of these items come under our daily jewelry. Although there are no strict laws to consider keychain or keyring as jewelry, you will be amazed to know there are matching keychains with every outfit that you wear. 

Carrying your keys openly without a keychain can make you appear disorganized and messy. Not to mention, keychains have no gender. There is a wide variety of keychains or keyrings designed and curved beautifully to put an extra glow to your outfit. Some of the famous designs of key chains are – 

Jasper Maison Italian Leather Keychain 

It is a unique product of the Kasper Maison collection. It is made with pure Italian cowhide leather and sewed with finely graphed German polyester threads. The solid part is made out of the alloy of zinc and the fully polished surface gives it a radiant look.  

Smart keychain 

You can guess from the name itself it’s a smart compact keychain. Due to its versatile nature, it is the most popular of all the keychains in today’s market. The design is slimed and solid. All the keys are placed opposite each other without coming in contact with each other. It comes with a metallic bottle opener which makes it even more attractive. 

BANG TI Titanium keychain 

This looks exactly like a gorgeous necklace pendant. It is high-quality titanium built anti-rust keychain. It is very popular due to its royal look. The company claims that it gives you a lifetime warranty for the product. Due to the hardness of the metal, this can’t be destroyed easily through corrosion. It handily gets fit to your belt and gives an ultimate glow to your attire. 

Mehr Platinum Luxury keychain 

It is a royal luxury keychain crafted for classy individuals. The strip is made out of fine leather and the metallic holder is made of anti-corrosion zinc alloy. The strip and the rings are precisely connected with platinum clips. 

LABEN Lambskin keychain 

It has a vintage classic look that makes you appear stylish and young. The complete keychain is made of lambskin which is considered to be rare and extremely strong. It brings a fire of a different level to your personality. 

Swiss + Multi-purpose keychain 

This is a solid, tough body keychain. It is not just a keychain it also has various small tools that are essential for outdoor activities. The various features of the product make it even versatile. It is a good product for adventure lovers. 

Holtzman’s Best paracord keychain 

It is a multipurpose surviving tool. It has numerous features with 5 different tools. If you go trekking or hiking in the forest then you must have this keychain to fight any bad situation. It is also present in various colors that will suit your personality. 

Wrenches and bones keychain 

It is an antique piece of keychains. It usually looks like the front portion of a jeep. It is built with 304 Grade stainless steel, which ensures solid built quality. It was made for the jeep lovers. It has a unique metal glow that makes it stand out of all. 

Fossil Men’s keychain 

As the name suggests it is exclusively made for men. The body is made with pure leather which gives it a gentle smooth surface and the rings are made with stainless steel. The solid part is polished with sparkling silver that makes it even attractive. 

We have seen there is a wide variety of keychains or keyrings that makes our attire even more attractive and elegant. So, it won’t be wrong if we say that keychains are prominently a part of our daily jewelry. 


Since, keychain is used as our daily jewelry for decades. And it is also available in various designs which exult our daily lifestyle. So, yes we can consider keychain or keyring as jewelry.