How we turn our little one’s masterpiece into wearable arts

In the era of digital working and computerizing our tasks, a new trend has arrived in the market. It is a simple technique of converting our little one’s masterpiece into wearable art. This new business model is based on complete creativity. Many times you might have been amazed at the creative artwork of your younger ones at home and you wanted to preserve that masterpiece. But it was not possible earlier due to various factors. But not anymore. Would you believe me if I say that the masterpiece of your little ones could be turned into wearable art forms? The creative works can not only be preserved but also could be shown to the world in various forms. You can design your t-shirts or jewelry by simply sitting at your home. Yes, it is possible now. This article has explored various techniques for creating your masterpiece into wearable arts and here are some of the efficient ways to do so. 

Top 5 websites to create your wearable art – 

1. Society6 

Society6 is an online trading website where you can upload your self created designs or arts and ask them to print it for you in any material of your choice.  Here they provide a wide range of products where you can print your work starting from a simple bag to even your t-shirts and caps. Not only this even you can contact their administrative team and bring your self-created designs into the market for sale. You just simply need to show your work to them and accordingly, they will choose your art. You are even paid a good amount if your design is being sold. Shipping and selling are taken care of by them only. So, this could even pay you a handsome amount of money. 

2. RedBubble 

It is a gallery created online by expert business tools. Here artists are allowed to present their work in front of all and get various customized products of their choice. Here they set a common base price for all. If you want to sell your designs engraved on various materials then you have to contact them and present your work. One of the biggest advantage of using RedBubble is that you can set your own retail price for the product. The website will charge common base money for all products that will include the manufacturing charge. And you can add the extra charges and produce the retail price by yourself. When your product is sold the company will keep its base charge and give the rest of the money to you. You may not get rich immediately by this but an extra amount of money does no harm. 

3. Zazzle 

Among all the platforms Zazzle will provide you the widest variety of options to print your design onto. Whether design your mobile cases, water bottles, bags, caps, and hundreds more. And also Zazzle is the oldest player in this market. They also allow you to set your own retail rates (including the manufacturing cost). They provide shipping all over the world, which is a good opportunity for you to showcase your designs at an international level. The company has been successful in building a strong customer-provider bond due to its top business models. 

4. BucketFeet 

BucketFeet is an open platform, where everyone is free to showcase their designing skills. Here designs are printed only on shoes. It’s pretty cool to wear a pair of self-designed shoes. It allows a huge exposure to your designs around the glove. If your design is chosen for manufacturing you get an up-front payment of 250$ and also $1 is credited to your account on every sale of your designed shoes. And once your product is launched it will be available both online and offline through various retail stores. 

5. Threadless 

It’s an online trading platform to sell your designs to various companies. Once you registrar yourself on the Threadless website and upload your work there then they start providing various scores to each of your designs. Every week new designs are chosen to print on various items. Here it is tough to grow initially since there are a lot of good designers on this platform already. But once you have the skills and you are ready to work hard then you are going to be paid handsome royalties and your design will be worn all over the world. It’s a good opportunity to make it big. If you are serious about your carrier in designing and want to pursue it not only as a hobby but also as a profession then this is the best platform for you. 

If you are looking to produce your own wearable art then you can go with any of the 5 above-mentioned websites. 

Wearable arts can be of various textures. Whether it is self-designed jewelry, t-shirt, shoes, bags, or any such articles the emotional contact of the artists and the art remains the same. All have the same artistic values what may alter is only the purpose of using that thing. Through this wearable art, the artist creates an emotional attachment with the wearer. The wearer represents a symbol of the artist through their jewels. 

We have often witnessed that parents want to preserve their children’s masterpiece as a memory of their childhood. Those masterpieces have an emotional bond with the creator. But often it is difficult to preserve them, due to various factors they get damaged over time. But this technique of producing arts into wearable materials is a boon for the process of preserving. It is much easier to preserve a wearable art jewelry set than to preserve a drawing on paper. 


If you are yet to step into the work of creating wearable arts then you can go through any of the above-mentioned websites and find the most convenient way for you.