How to wear and put on cufflinks correctly

Cufflinks are beautiful pieces of man’s jewelry. It was first in the 1600s since then huge advancements have been made to make them completely customizable. Cufflinks can be a great idea to alter a but away from your daily fashion and look a bit more classy and elegant. Cufflinks can be highly customizable whether it is to represent your favorite team, unique fashion idea, wealth, brand, or any other such things can be made possible with them. Simply it adds a personal touch to your attire. 

Here are some ideas about how to go for wearing or putting on cufflinks – 

Find the correct shirt 

Cufflinks are usually worn with French cuff shirts which are also known as double cuff shirts. The reason behind choosing a French cuff is due to its extra-long cuffs that allow the cuff material to fold back and thus forming checks of the fiber which looks way attractive. Another important cause is the absence of buttons on the French cuff shirts, instead, they have buttonholes on both sides where cufflinks are worn. If you go for a French cuff that means the cufflink will be placed over four layers of the shirt material. This way of folding and applying the cufflink adds an elegant touch to your attire which is quite eye-catching. 

Even if you can’t find a French cuff shirt then you can always go for the normal shirts with a single cuff that are sold in the usual shops. But putting on a cufflink with such shirts will give you a more informal look. 

Crumple the shirt’s cuff 

Make sure that you give a fine fold to the cuffs of your shirt. Straighten a hand and with the help of the other hand pull the cuff to remove any wrinkles and then fold it back gradually. You must be careful about the last fold because there should be no visible 

wrinkles and it should form a neat and even lining. 

But if you are choosing a shirt with a single cuff then you don’t need to fold any of your cuffs. 

Hold it together and tight 

After making a plain lining of the cuffs hold the two outcoming ends with your other hand and hold them tightly to make them lay flat on each other. Then press the inside material of the cuffs together to compress it. This will automatically form a shape like two layers are kissing each other. This style of folding cuffs by putting the cufflink is known as “kiss cuff”. 

If you are using a shirt with a single cuff then you won’t be able to use the kiss cuff technique. Instead, when you will hold the edges of the cuffs together of such shirts it is going to form shapes like a barrel. You can always go for this option too. But again, it will look more casual and cufflinks are specially designed to be worn with French cuff shirts for any formal events. 

Line up the holes of the cufflinks 

The next step is to align the cufflink holes in an even manner. This is an important part because if the alignment goes wrong then the cufflink may not fit into your cuffs appropriately. Lining up the holes in an even manner will not only make the jewelry look better but also will help in inserting the cufflinks easily. It will also reveal to you whether your folds are appropriately aligned or not. 

If you’re going for normal single cuffed shirts then gradually align the buttonholes by overlapping them over each other. The holes must match for the cufflinks to set in. 

Inserting the cufflinks in various style

There are a variety of styles through which you can insert your cufflink but it also depends on the design of your cufflink. When you are keeping your arm facing towards you then the decorative face of the cufflink must be facing outward. But you should be careful doing it because even a little hindrance in the process may spoil the game. So, the whole of the cufflink including the toggles must be placed inside the fabric to make it securely fastened, and only the face of the cufflink should be visible outside. That is the standard way of putting on a cufflink on any shirt. But with the variation of the style of the cufflinks the inserting style may vary. 

Setting up of bullet back cufflinks 

The bullet-shaped cufflinks have their unique styles of wearing. The capsule which is shaped like a pellet should be held in between the two posts by altering the direction of the bullet on its axis. It must be aligned to the post of the cufflink. This is going to help you to insert the cufflink through the holes of different layers of the cuffs in the shirt. Then get a grip of the cufflink over the fabric through your thumb and first finger and insert it gradually through the fabric when the end of the cufflink reaches another hole of the shirt cuff get a grip on the other side too. And then accordingly align the bullet showed toggle horizontally to fasten it in between the cuff. This is the easiest and fastest style of wearing a cufflink. 

Setting up of whaleback cufflinks 

whale back cufflinks are usually designed with a straight post and oval bottom. Flip the back part that is designed like the tail of a whale aligned with the post then insert it through the fabric by pushing the cufflink through your thumb. During the process keep the face of the cufflink still with other fingers. And then when the bottom of the cufflink reaches the other end of the cuff flip it horizontally again, thus the cufflink finely gets fits into the fabric. 


There are numerous styles of wearing or putting on a post of cufflinks. You must keep the basic ideas in mind and set them accordingly.