Creative and useful jewelry storage ideas

After using jewelry at a particular event, you have to store jewelry items at your home otherwise, it may be drained out. Organization is not an easy way. It requires a lot of time as well as lot of efforts. Perfect organization is always a difficult task. It is an art which should be learnt. 

Just ask Paola Alberdi, the fashion-obsessed founder of the lifestyle blog Blank Itinerary. “I would just keep everything in the boxes or packaging it came in and store it in my closet,”

 Before storage, clean jewelry items perfectly. You can use a number of cleaners including homemade cleaner. If you store jewelry without cleaning, then different chemical reactions can lead your ornaments to rust. Typical rusting is associated with all metals like iron. That’s why a number of methods should be used to clean the jewelry properly. 

Among them, first of all use, home made cleaner. There are following steps that should be followed for homemade cleaning of jewelry. These are as follows:

  • Put jewelry in glass jar.
  • Add half cup vinegar in it and then add hazel in it as well. These are both well washers. 
  • Place jewelry in that cup for overnight. Allow jewelry to soak in it and washing process will be completed with the elimination of all undesired things from jewelry.
  • The next morning is spent while coating with baking soda. After that, scrub with toothbrush. By scrubbing, dirt particles that are entangled in corners are washed away. 
  • Now rinse with water quickly.
  • Now, your jewelry is ready to be stored. 

Storage is something like storing substances with proper alignment and methods. A number of ways can be sued as storage. These ways are as follows:

  • Use a drawer:

You can use a drawer as a perfect storage place. That drawer should be dedicated only to the jewelry items. That drawer should have many parts that are separated from each other via sheet. Wooden drawer with proper lock is mostly used. Use different parts for different purposes. don’t mix jewel items with each other. 

If one part is used to store earrings, don’t add bracelets in it. Similarly, if one part is used to store rings, don’t overwhelmed this part with other useful items. 

Paola use such drawers. According to her:

“I do have some jewelry showcased on a tabletop, but storing all my jewelry that way would make a room look too cluttered,” 

  • Store similar items together:

Use drawers to store jewelry items but don’t mix the items. It will create chaos when you need them. That’s why store similar things together. Organize thing according to their sizes and shapes.

Add rings in one compartment and then all other rings should be added in that compartment. If you are feeling still issues regarding rings separation, make another compartment inside that ring compartment. Now organize rings according to the size and shape similarities. Birds of feather fly together, the same is the case with storage of jewels. 

  • Jewelry tree:

Jewelry tree is also available in the market as well as online. In that tree, you can place bracelets, rings and earrings. All jewelry items can easily be fitted at that tree. It is also used as showpiece in the houses. No additional thing is added, just organization and storage concept of jewelry is changed. In this way, jewelry items are used perfectly to decorate the house. Such ornaments are used to decorate you as well as to decorate your house. 

In this regard, jewelry tree has very much importance regarding storage of jewelry items. 

  • Pegboard accessory organizer:

It is also displayed at the lounge. Now a days, multiuse of things are under considerations. People use many things regarding many purposes. the peg board is also used as storage site for the jewelry items. it is displayed at the front and then different jewels are organized on it. It has also a key book that describes which part is for which thing. In this way, perfect organization occurs. Both the house decoration and your beautification is done with similar budget as well same efforts. 

  • Tabletop jewelry organizer:

If you have so much jewelry, don’t cut short it. add more things in it as you should not be short on your beautification pieces. Such beautiful ornaments are necessary to maintain your beauty. Table top jewelry organizer is used to store jewelry items. 

It is perfect organization as it doesn’t require extra site. It is arranged in table that is very common to all other purposes. In addition, table is used to maintain jewelry storage sites. 

Paola says:

“I have a lot of gold dainty rings, so I mostly separate those into different compartments, but I try to spread them out so I can see what is in each one. Some dainty necklaces are also on their own so they don’t get tangled,”

  • Clothes hanger jewelry storage:

You can use clothes to cover up the jewelry as clothes are used in jewelry shops. Such clothes are very much similar to the storing items. According to Paola:

 “It turned out to be a pretty cool and functional decor piece,”

Clothes hanger can also be used as storage places for jewelry items. Such strange storage places also add beauty to the home and its walls. Hang that hanger with a wall, and use it as storage sites. 

It can store a large number of items by acquiring very less space. So, hangers are used widely in the field of storage. You can use latter on with no difficulty as everything is in front of eyes sorted out. 


It is necessary to store such items that are used for specific events. Such storage sites should be precise and acquire les space. All above storage sites are perfectly customized. Use that storage sites getting maximum benefits.