Couple Ring in Singapore: What do they Symbolize

couple ring in singapore

Couple rings are very much important regarding wedding, relationship goals and promises. Couples sue such rings in order to show love with each other. Jewelry is very much important in all human beings. Couples make couple necklace, rings, earrings for themselves. They also buy same bracelets in order to show love to each other. 

The word jewelry is derived from French word, jewel. In old French, it was jouel meaning plaything.

we are all conscious of the importance of gems in decorating men and women alike. It consists of decorative objects which add beauty to people’s personality. Jewelry has been used for many years as part of our decorative infrastructure. In their homes and in various activities, people use different types of decorative objects.

It is estimated that for the first time, about 6000 years ago jewellery was used. Humans began life about 10,000 years ago on earth. People were often used to wearing several decorative objects, but at the time no clear names were given. Such objects are thought to be worthy of human decoration for around 6000 years. The joys are all found in joysticks with necklaces, anneals, bands, earrings etc.

Egyptian women, French people, Iranians and the English were very keen in history to wear jewellery items to make it worth watching. As jewellery, various metals may be used. Gold was used as a jewellery piece for several centuries in various carats. Gold is now a few days of jewellery, too. Gold with other valuable metals and gems is preferred to be worn. Platinum, diamond, silver etc., often used as gold substitute, are often metals of various value and have a fan base. Many gemstones have been used by cultures throughout history. A variety of patterns for jewels that are now used a day are invented by Europe’s culture.

You need to pick the right jewellery for every costume otherwise, your decorations won’t make your personality shine. Likewise, women have different necklines, some are V-shaped, some have streamlining, some have a long neck, others have short necklines, etc. There is no power to alter these formats, but your choice is controlled. If you have a slender and long neck, do not wear necklaces that have wide and wide characteristics, pick necklace and any other gems by neckline. Try wearing the necklace long and thin. Similarly, wear large and circular decorations on your front.

Couple rings can be wedding rings, promise rings or relationship rings. The details of all these rings are as follows:

  • Wedding rings:

Couple wear rings on their wedding. It makes their wedding memorable for each other. Such beautiful wedding rings are made specially for particular couple. Sometimes, their names are also carved on that rings. 

You will expect to share wedding rings with your future spouse when you’re ready to tie your knot. However, did you ever stop to wonder why we adopt this tradition, exactly? The wedding ring symbolism is unclear to most of us. We all agree it has to do with unity, eternity and dedication, right? But you could be shocked if the story is more than that and the marriage band’s tradition goes back millennia.

If you and your wife wear silicone wedding rings, happy rings or family rings for decades, they are all rooted in the same early traditions. Surprisingly, some of the things that we have always thought true are incorrect, in fact! Eventually, you, your partner, and the rings that you choose, have the symbolism of your wedding ring.

History of wedding rings:

We all know from centuries; humans are using jewelry and especially rings. During Egyptian reign, wedding rings were also given to each other. But at that time, people had different tastes. Their wedding rings were very different from present day wedding rings. They had large and heavy weight wedding rings. At that people were also very studious and strong. They didn’t feel any burden of these heavy jewelry. Now a days, wedding rings are also given as a symbol of unity, love and eternity. 

Couples wear such wedding rings till death. These rings mostly remind them how beautiful and happy they were when they married. Rings remind them to be happy and charming with each other. 

Rings also are source of making love because people remain happy with each other. Rings add additional love to their marriage life. 

  • Relationship rings:

Couples also wear relationship rings. They specially order special rings and mostly order to carve their names on that rings. Such rings are also considered the symbol of love and eternity among couples. Couples make their partner to feel important by giving such beautiful gifts to them. These rings are often called relationship rings. Now a days, people have live in relationships. They often live with each other for a specific time and after that if they understand each other very well then, they happily married. 

Hence, relationship rings are also very important to enhance love and attraction among couples. 

  • Promise rings:

Some rings are called as promise rings. These rings are considered as promise rings because couples wear them while making promises. Such rings are considered vey important as they realize both partners that they made promise to each other of remaining loyal and to be together ever. 

Couple make promises only if they have ability to fulfill them. Hence, rings are used to make that precious moment memorable. Mostly, with a name of promise ceremony, a small event is organized by that couples. And in the presence of large community and friends, they make promise and wear rings. Hence, promise rings are also very important regarding promise ceremony. Mostly they promise to be together forever.


Couple rings are very important now a days. In old ages., only for weddings, couple rings are required while now a days, for wedding, for promise, for relationship, all want the same rings for both of the partners.