Our Story

Couple Lab Jewellery Singapore is a custom jewellery store which offers laser engraving services for you to commemorate the special moments in your life. Founded over a decade ago, we design and make jewellery collections which include bangles, rings, necklaces, and cufflinks. Our range is constantly expanding as we continuously provide innovative and creative jewellery options

Couple jewellery in Singapore

90’s kids will remember Couple Lab Jewellery as the go-to place to select pretty trinkets for your ‘steady’. More than ten years on, Couple Lab Jewellery outlets remain a choice spot love birds flock to when they want to give one another a physical token of their commitment. And it’s the reason why our signature couple rings have remained popular over the years. 

At Couple Lab Jewellery Singapore, we understand gifting someone a piece of jewellery is more than just purchasing an everyday accessory for them to wear. Behind every ring, necklace or bracelet is a story which holds sentimental value. We understand a piece of jewellery is a physical expression of each unique love. We know jewellery is a way for your special someone to wear a little reminder of your affection wherever they go.

That is why we are not only in the business of manufacturing jewellery, but also continuously invest in high-quality laser engraving technology.

Laser engraving services at Couple Lab

We offer laser engraving services for you to personalise your gifts. You can have your names, anniversary dates, or a sweet message carved into one of our wearable designs. With our technology, laser engraving work on small pieces of jewellery can be completed on the same day of purchase.

The engraving service we offer employs the use of a state-of-the-art fiber optics class 4 laser. With this technology, any custom requests you have, from the most complex, intricate patterns to simple, elegant outlines, will turn out flawless and well-crafted. We can also transform your little ones’ doodles and drawings into wonderful keepsake via photo-lasered pendants.

Additionally, we provide laser engraving services for any non-in-house products such as belts, watches and pens. Serial numbers, logos and signatures can be custom-made for individual corporate gifts or bulk orders and is suitable for all metal, precious or non-precious metal materials.

Couple Lab Jewellery

On top of delivering quality jewellery to our customers, we strive to provide excellent customer support to you. Because to us, it is important that you are satisfied with the purchase you make and enjoy a pleasant experience. 

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