A guide to choosing the couple’s rings

One of the best feelings in this universe is to love someone and being loved back the same way. We all have that special place in our hearts for that special person. And when it comes to express your love to that special person you must do it uniquely. That will not only show your commitment to your partner but also will allow you to grave a little deeper into the feelings of your partner. Climbing up a high mountain and then setting on your knees with a ring to propose to your partner could be the best surprise you could ever plan for your loved one. Do you know how the couple rings are worn in South Korea? There the partners stay together with each other for 100 days then only they exchange their couple rings. This helps them to show better concern and commitment to their partners. Couple rings are famous across the globe as a sign of love and respect that the two partners have for each other. The rings usually have a matching band for him and her. 

Let’s dig a little dipper to understand the concept – 

Couple rings are not engagement rings! 

Couple rings are specially made for couples who are in a relationship. It is a modern way for couples to celebrate their special moments. By wearing the couple rings they show respect to each other and the relationship. Whereas an engagement is a sign of marriage. Engagement rings are only worn when the couple gives a promise of marriage to each other. 

In order to choose the suitable couple ring, you must go through the following guidelines carefully – 


The couple rings are usually worn most of the part of the day so the comfort of the ring is the priority here. Universal the engagement rings are placed on your ring finger. But there are no such rules for couple rings you can choose your finger as per your comfort. The only matter of concern is your comfort with it. 


Most of the time couples get themselves lost in various thoughts regarding the design. It may get a little tricky sometimes to choose the best design for you among such a huge number of ideas. But not to worry, you must go for the design which represents your relationship. You must not choose a design just because it is beautiful. The design should be much more personal and significant. If you and your partner have similar taste in jewelry you can always go for the matching one’s. But if it varies then going for different designs is also perfectly fine. There are also complementary rings where the style of the rings varies but they have similar features. Such type of complementary rings expresses your union as a couple. And also you can create your customized couple rings where you can engrave your special signs, messages, initials according to your style preferences. This you can customize the whole ring with your unique concept of fashion. Even some couples design their own ring might be just at a drawing level but that is also quite possible. There are jewelry production houses who also welcomes your self created design. And they also provide the same product as you have designed. 


In the latest trending style of couple rings, couples go for the same design and layout but different metals. Such an arrangement is quite attractive and unique. When you go for different metals your rings will appear different due to the difference in colors but that is perfectly fine since the design will reveal your unity as a couple. If your rings appear more elegant it is believed your commitment towards your relationship becomes stronger. Even if you don’t want to go for the different metals it is completely fine. Because the setting of the role has a more important part to play in a pair of couple rings. 


Usually, couples try to go for rings that have a stone fitted in them. Because it enhances the overall sparkle of the ring and gives it a radiant look. The trending couple rings in today’s market are rings that have a diamond set up in it. The size and number of diamonds are to decide beforehand. The Diamond rings are extremely gorgeous and sparkling. They always help you to stand out from all the couples. The most gorgeous shape of diamond that you can go for is the emerald shape and there are also various other shapes of diamond that perfectly fit the occasion. But it could be a little expensive. If Diamond is not your choice then you can always go for other options like ruby, gemstone, crystals, or other beautiful stones as well. But you must also consider the durability of the stone since you are going to wear it most of the time. 


Here in the case of the couple rings, the setting plays a very important role. Because it is going to show the harmony between the two rings. The metal may be different according to your choice but it is highly preferable to have a similar setting of the ring. The harmony in the setting of the rings is the only way to depict the similarity between the ring of you and your partner. 

Couples always prefers to be more classic and modern in their look. And couple rings are extremely close to our hearts. Because it is not just a ring but it connects to our emotions and makes us feel alive. So, why not make it a special and unique one. 


Couple rings often show the time between your dating and your marriage. It symbolizes that you remain committed and loyal to your partner always. However, this may vary in some cases. So keep the above-mentioned points to get the best product for yourself.